The Making of INNOVATION

The making of the 90 second short clip on INNOVATION featuring Megan Nordoff as a Top 10 Finalist has everyone around here with a new respect for those in the film industry.  The experience of helping Ms. Megan articulate her message of innovation has proven insightful- there is so much more to the person then meets the eye.

Reading is personal. With support, especially with a trusted guide, the ability to read and write unfolds.

As we walked the facilities together after learning about Megan reaching the Top 10, we reflected on her many contributions to our school community, the children in her care, and our extended community members.   Passing by the tangible evidence of innovation in the classroom, I would ask Megan- HOW DID THIS BECOME PART OF THE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT?

Here’s a little bit on what she shared with me along our walk.

Plays orchestrated by the Kindergarteners speak volumes in reinforcing cultural values.
Walking the Circumference
Each winter we cut tipi poles, raise and experience the Plains Tipi absorbing it with all of our senses.
We eat bananas every day and have tied it into the curriclum.
Morning snack and ratios

And there’s still more to discover happening under Megan’s guidance each day…

A yurt provides a quiet place for individual reflection
A yurt provides a quiet place for individual reflection
Circuits light up bulbs and imagination
Seed to Table
Ks harvest and bring to market
Reggio Rug
All contribute to our new rug
Ecology Center
Ecology and Language Arts
Organic gardening and CSA
Mentors guide student and teacher
Marsh Ecology
Cleaning up our natural resources
Upcycle golf ball math extension
Upcycle golf ball math extension

Midway through our walk and a little overwhelmed I paused, “Megan,” I asked again, “Where do you begin? How did this all become part of the classroom experience?”

Upon a moment’s reflection, she replied, “I’m not the innovator.  The child is.  I’ve never really considered myself an innovator just another tool facilitating the innovation waiting to be birthed inside each individual student.  I am only able to do so in preparing myself and in understanding the many relationships we share with our world and with others and in following the child to prepare his environment for his own discovery.”

What's next...
What’s next…

Find out what Megan has planned for her next innovation connecting and building relationships between farms and other schools within our community.  Vote today and every day to push Ms. Megan’s innovative ideas forward.  Here’s the link:

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