To the Center

 We recently received correspondence from a graduate  parent on her slower to mature  elementary student.  Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part, especially when you know that things are just about to click for a child.
Photo: David Vigliotti
Photo: David Vigliotti
I simply LOVE this parent’s trust and security in herself and in her child as she responds to someone more unfamiliar in the Approach.
Jazzy has kind of exploded on the scene… she has reached grade level in math and is no longer receiving extra help with this, and she has moved up to a higher resource reading group. Reading is the only area she is below grade level… and only by a little.  
At the last parent/teacher conference, her reading resource teacher made a comment about how quickly Jazzy was learning, and perhaps Montessori hadn’t been a good fit for her.  

As defensiveness rose within me, I took a deep breath and said, “Well, you know how you’ve been telling me Jazzy is motivated and excited to be at school, how she is so mature and responsible, and how she could run the classroom by herself?”  

“Yes…” the teacher replied.  

“That’s Montessori too.”  I kept it together.  🙂

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