Sincerely, A RIE Foundations Graduate

Hi Beverly and Nicole,

It’s JoAnne from First Steps and RIE Theory and Observation 1 (September 2013). I want to share the certified training I recently created and taught called “Respecting Their Need to Move”. We offered it to the child care centers in our county.

Also, things have been moving along at the center. We have been implementing RIE philosophies and using Bev’s book. Here is what one parent had to say about her 8month old:

“Will was lucky enough to have been born with an extra 21st chromosome, meaning he has Down Syndrome and had open heart surgery at 11 weeks due to a serious congenital heart defect. He deals with hypotonia, particularly in his back. I knew when he was born that this center was the only place I was comfortable sending him because my daughter had also gone through the infant program. I trusted them completely with my medically fragile child.

Will deals with delays in most areas, but he is also remarkably advanced in some. His therapists have described his legs as “freakishly strong.” He is only 8.5 months old, and he is very close to crawling. He has actually been making typical milestones with his mobility! I think a large part of this is due to the changes in the infant room. We are lucky that Will is self-motivated and loves to play. In the infant room, he spends the entire day playing on his back, moving on his own, and practicing those skills that are so essential to his development.

I will admit that I was incredibly skeptical about those changes. My daughter went through the infant class and used an exersaucer and thrived. I didn’t understand how taking the gear away would do anything but bore the kids. I have since learned that little changes make a huge difference to Will. Unlike my chromosomally typical daughter, he is not going to turn out just fine no matter his surroundings. Setting up an environment which encourages him to work and practice his motor skills on his own has allowed him to learn at a remarkable pace. The infant classroom, along with his caregivers has given him the opportunity to thrive.”

I am expecting our 3rd baby on Christmas Eve!!!! A GIRL! So, if I’ve fallen off the radar lately that’s why.

Hope to talk to you soon.
A RIE Foundations Graduate