Life Lessons of a Hair Bow

“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity.” -Isaac Newton

When observing at the center, our first question always is how is the child? Our observations tell us if the child is relaxed and in an emotional state of well being. It’s the most simple- often overlooked- interactions that reveal the most.

Like when a child loses her hair bow as she is playing.

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Social relationships help define development. Enveloped within a strong, secure attachment to a nurturing adult, this little one is refueled and better able to withstand the ordinary stress of daily life. And she learns.

Today we presented Life Lessons of a Hair Bow. What can we see the child learning?


I am an active participant able to communicate with another who responds to my need


I am valued by someone who will take the time to involve me fully in the learning process


Being together in the process is pleasurable


This is how a hair bow operates and holds my hair out of my eyes


I trust 


I belong

“The pleasure of being together is the most important thing.”- Anna Tardos

Within our infant community at the center, the work of Dr. Emmi Pikler ( and Magda Gerber ( helps guide our daily practice:

Upcoming Pikler® Training in the United States – Charleston, South Carolina

RIE® Basic Principles

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