About Me

Our independent preschool focuses on best practices at the zero-six year level.  Many of our educators are Montessori, RIE,  and Pikler teachers and nature enthusiasts.

Our mission includes:

1. demonstrating best practices in implementation in center base care on a daily year round basis;

2, providing professional development and support for early childhood professionals; and

3. resourcing parents respectfully as they make decisions involving the care and education of their child

We’d like to share our experience as early childhood professionals and parents as we continue to evolve and learn about the wonders of the child.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear Madam magda Gerber
    I am a Montessori trained teacher who is qualified to work with young children between ages 0 -6. I completed my Montessori training and internship at PCTE, New Jersey. I am lucky and blessed as my dear master teacher introduced your book to me (autographed copy) “Your Self-Confident baby”and I have read though it all over again and again.
    I heartily hope that I could have a chance to learn more about the RIE course taught by you.
    Would you please let me know at your earliest convenient if there is any RIE certificate programme coming up in the near future.
    I do very much appreciate your kindness.
    Yours sincerely

    1. Hi, Ellen-

      The last year Magda taught RIE courses was around 1998 following her retirement. Her non-profit organization, Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE – pronounced ‘wry’), carries on her work. Several RIE associates hold certification from RIE to facilitate teacher training and education. You can find their offerings on the RIE website, http://www.rie.org.

      All the best,

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