About MMP School

Think about it this way…

In just 6 short years, your child will undergo a miraculous transformation. A developmental journey from complete helplessness to becoming a fully functioning human being. At the end of this period, their personality will be fully formed. Which means that everything that happens between now and then is crucial.

That’s precisely why we specialize in this amazing stage of development, and why we invest so much time, energy and training to ensure we offer the best possible start in life for the kids in our community.

Born of the well-proven principles of Magda Gerber (RIE) and Maria Montessori, our world-class demonstration school located outside Charleston, South Carolina enables children to feel confident and secure enough to explore while our highly trained staff keeps them interested & challenged.

We believe in…
RESPECT that kids thrive when they’re respected as partners in their learning.
EMPATHY negotiation & compromise are as valuable as learning to read.
CARE in guiding kids to become active citizens, not just students.
FREEDOM appropriate freedom fosters responsibility & inner discipline.

2 thoughts on “About MMP School”

  1. I am so excited to come across MMP. I am in Mt. P and have started doing some research into schooling close by. My son is only 15 months and I will keep him home until kindergarten or 1st grade but I’m loving the idea of MMP. Could you tell me, is MMP considered private with tuition or is it public but you still apply? I’ve heard both. I am strongly considering MMP when the time comes and would love to know the process.

    Thanks again!
    Brigid @ http://www.naturallyattached.com

  2. Hi, Brigid-
    We specialize in the first developmental plane- infancy-6years and offer childcare, teacher training, and parent ed classes. We converted our private Montessori elementary school to a public charter school which may be why you are hearing both. Please feel free to drop us a line for more details on our services and check out our revised website http://www.mmpschool.com as we will be adding to our offerings.

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