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Our Top 3 Picks for Mobile Infant Winter Wonderland Playwear

Well, the weather outside might not be frightful, but it is a little chilly. Still, we are making every effort to keep our classroom doors open after the morning chill abates. The lessons learned in nature can not be replicated inside. How could one reproduce the trill of migratory birds heading south or the changing colors of swirling pecan leaves falling to the earth?

As the children at the center bundle up for winter play, one group finds itself in a quandary- our Mobiles.

Photo: David Vigliotti
Photo: David Vigliotti

Mobile Infants while out and about, are not yet up and about. They scoot on hands, knees, forearms, and bellies propelled forward oftentimes by one little big toe. For them, stockinged feet are slippery while leggings or pants cause ramps, steps and slides to be a bit more hazardous. Ideally, your child should be able to touch skin to surface along all points of contact with the ground while learning to motivate his body in space. For most Mobiles this means hands, knees and feet should be bare.

But that doesn’t mean your little one needs to chilly during her play. In layering up your child to brace the elements for winter fun, make sure your Mobile Infant is equipped with these 3 favorites:

infant leg warmers
infant leg warmers

Socks and pants pose the greatest safety hazard for Mobiles making their way up inclines, stairs and ramps designed to challenge and strengthen their gross motor dexterity. Leaving a baby bare from the waist down, though, also leaves her stripped down as her maturing body learns to regulate her body temperature. LEG WARMERS TO THE RESCUE- keeping a good part of her leg’s surface area under warm wrap.

long sleeved onsie
long sleeved onsie

No one should under estimate the power of the LONG SLEEVED ONSIE. Snapped in, the onsie is sure to stay in place as your little one climbs, rolls, and creeps about his day. It’s the essential bottom layer.

winter coat
winter coat

Even if bare from the waist down, your baby is warm if her core is warm. Look for fleece over padding to ensure a fuller range of motion. Check out hoodies for strings or buttons that could pose choke hazards. A nice, warm hoody when checked out for safety is preferred over a conventional hat. Those rarely make it on more than a few minutes before becoming a play object of its own.

Often times the adult monitoring the play space has not been as active as the Mobiles residing within. If you’re unsure of the child’s comfort, observe. Does he seem happy? Is he engaged? Is he actively playing?

Still not sure- take an opportunity to touch her skin. If she feels chilled to you, try adding another layer to the core. If you feel leggings or pants are in order, adjust your environment to avoid slip and trip hazards. Oh, and feel free to close the door when it’s a wee too chilly and moderation is in order.

How Little Learners Lodge Became a RIE Certified Center

By happenchance our paths crossed with Magda Gerber.  A spark was lit and, with a little help from our friends, the flame ignited.  Now every member of the center team is Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) trained and the Infant Environment Certified by RIE.  When teachers from other centers visit, they often ask HOW?

How do you get your co-teacher to buy-in to trying the RIE principles of caring for babies and toddlers with respect?

How do you communicate with parents the benefits for using the RIE Approach at home?

How do you wean a program off the need for bouncy seats, high chairs, or pacifiers?

How do you do primary caregiving?  …keep the children together for two years?  …get the parents to respect your caregiving routines?

As the center continues to mature and develop on its journey to modeling best practice, we reflect back on the Five Year Strategic Planning that initiated Little Learners Lodge becoming a RIE Certified Program.  This is how we did it-

Starting with one.

(click on the photo to view Strategic Plan)



And ending with a team of 15 RIE Trained Early Childhood Professionals committed to demonstrating that we need not compromise quality or best practices in center base care.  In fact, we can not.

Sharing- the RIE way

Knowing if, when and how to intercede is the dance of the Educarer. Here, two Early Toddlers demonstrate that when it comes to conflict, an adult isn’t always needed for resolution.

“When we make a child share, it is not sharing. This is a difficult concept for most of us, and yet I have found that when I have given the children a choice to share or not to share , with no repercussions, their inner-directed responses tend to be far more generous and giving.”

-Magda Gerber, DEAR PARENT: Caring for Infants with Respect, p.131