Picking Up the Baby

A video demonstration with the Primary Caregiver transitioning her infant from sleep to being on his own. Note the pace of the transition, how the baby’s spine is supported, and how she gently lays him on his back releasing his head last. All along, the infant is connected, supported, present and included in the process as he moves from one activity to the next.

“Physical Security Equates to Emotional Security.” -Anna Tardos


MMP – 2014 Graduate Movie Presentation from Sunhead Projects on Vimeo.

Childhood friendships endure a life time- especially when they are nurtured from the start. We celebrate our Kindergarten Graduating Class of 2014. And thank you for your many contributions to our center community.

Need Help?

It’s not easy for a toddler transitioning inside to start the day. Under the watchful eye of their trusted Guide, these rising two year olds seem to know what they’re about. All along their attitude conveys a sense of competency, resilience, and cooperation.

When the adult knows IF-WHEN-& HOW to intercede, the child feels supported and encouraged to participate in her own development, innerly driven to seek his potential, secure in the knowledge that someone they know and trust will be there to guide them along the way.

Beautiful to witness at any age as our babies grow, eventually joining us in adulthood.